• August: MikesPickz founded as one page website focused on NFL Picks
  • September: MikesPickz name purchased for easy access
  • February: Entertainment section added as NFL came to a close
  • May: Entertainment section rebranded as Movies and Music section
  • August: Hosting provider switched from TowerWebsites to GoDaddy
  • August: One page website expanded to five page website
  • March: March Madness Picks replace NFL Picks, pages rotated depending on season
  • February: First podcast released following Super Bowl
  • May: MLB Weekly Review introduced
  • September: MikesPickz complete redesign begins
  • March: New MikesPickz.com introduced- designed from scratch [not a template as in the past]
  • March: MikesPickz Store opened; New Forum introduced
  • June: MikesPickz joins Twitter; MikesPickz Sports Section Blog introduced
  • September: Recoded entire site with PHP; Contact form introduced
  • December: MikesPickz joins Facebook
  • January: MikesPickz iPhone App Released
  • February: The Forum was retired in favor of Facebook Fan Page and Twitter
  • June: Movies and Music Corner completely redesigned; Movie Reviews introduced
  • October: MikesPickz Podcast reintroduced
  • June: New logo and new website design introduced. Site focus narrowed to Sports and Entertainment.
  • March: MLB Sweeps section spun-off into its own website, with vastly more data presented. MLBSweeps.com
  • September: Site redesign

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