Comment by Mike

Great tutorial,

To all those that have the problem with the slashes showing up in front of the quotes, here is what will fix it:

Replace the textarea section with this bit of code:

<?php break;

case 'textarea': ?>

<?php $input = get_settings( $value['id'] ); $output = stripslashes ($input); ?>


<td width="20%" rowspan="2" valign="middle"><strong><?php echo $value['name']; ?></strong></td>

<td width="80%"><textarea name="<?php echo $value['id']; ?>" cols="60" rows="15"><?php if ( get_settings( $value['id'] ) != "") { echo $output; } else { echo $value['std']; } ?></textarea></td>


<tr><td><small><?php echo $value['desc']; ?></small></td></tr>

<tr><td colspan="2" style="margin-bottom:5px;border-bottom:1px dotted #000000;"> </td></tr><tr><td colspan="2"></td></tr>

^^That will get rid of the slashes on the options page, and to get rid of the slashes in the display when you call the variable use:

echo stripslashes($variablename);

instead of just calling the variable.

Someone mentioned magic quotes, but that is not a good option because it has been deprecated from the PHP standard

Hope this helps, feel free to contact me on my blog if you still need help, or contact me on twitter –

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