Albert Pujols hits 2 homers again…this time in a loss

Albert Pujols is locked in right now. He now has 30 home runs and 77 RBIs. It was the 7th time this year that he 2 home runs in a game and the 3rd time in 9 games.

You would think that after awhile the opposing team would think if he hit a home run already today, I better not pitch to him again, but he only has 24 intentional walks and 60 traditional walks on the season.

Not only does he have the power numbers, he is batting .332 on the year. Pujols is the complete package and the best hitter in baseball right now. He is making fantasy owners very happy and no price is right to justify even thinking about trading him.

With his triple threat stats, the question arises: Can Albert Pujols hit the triple crown this season? This was the poll question in a recent post in the MikesPickz Forum.

As I wrote in the Forum, I’m not sure that he will be able to do it this season, maybe an NL Triple Crown, but I don’t think he can get the Major League Triple Crown- there are many high contact hitters (Ichiro, Bartlett, etc.) that might be able to bat for a higher average, and if teams start walking him more, he may slow down in the RBI and HR department.

Let me know what you think either posting a comment here or in the forum.

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