The Michael Crabtree – 49ers Saga

Michael Crabtree is a very talented wide receiver/ athlete as he proved in college. That doesn’t always translate to the NFL, so this situation is very interesting. Crabtree was drafted with the 10th overall pick, and at the time it seemed like a good one for the 49ers- who definitely need a WR. But, now the 49ers have a headcase on their hands. He is missing training camp, practice and the pre-season because of a money holdout.

If I were Crabtree, I would take the money and prove my point- OK Heyward-Bey got a better deal than the 49ers are supposedly offering Crabtree, he was drafted 7th overall by the Raiders. The Raiders don’t have the best reputation with draft picks or even as a team. First, the drafting of Heyward-Bey at 7 shocked almost every analyst (who thought that Crabtree or Maclin would be the first WR to go).

So Crabtree prove that you are better on the field, because I can guarantee if you sit the entire season and re-enter the draft- you will not be the number 10 pick, and you won’t even get as much money as the 49ers are offering you now. It makes zero sense to me that he would consider sitting a year not playing college or professional football. When the college WRs play a season and show what they can do, you don’t have a chance at being a top 10 pick again.

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