The Yankees win… finally!

The Yankees finally stopped the critics by beating the Red Sox tonight by a score of 13-6. The win puts the Yankees 3.5 games ahead of Boston in the standings, and gives the Yankees their first win of the season against the Red Sox (they lost the previous 8).

If you look at the overall picture though, the fact that the Yankees hadn’t beat the Red Sox before today was null and void to me. The Yankees were in first place going into the game, and they knew as well as the fans that they were a much better team now than they were earlier in the season. The bullpen is extremely solid right now, A-Rod is back (although not the best batting average), the line-up is clicking up and down, the bench is solid and the starting pitching (although slightly shaky of late) is good enough. So overall, it has been a good season so far for the Yankees, but now they get the last bit of doubt out of the way- they CAN beat the Red Sox. Now, the win is a little misleading as well, the Red Sox are on a downward spiral of late. They are banged up and don’t have consistent pitching from the starters. But that is baseball, every team has their ups and downs (some teams , Nationals, are down for a lot longer though).

I am sticking with my initial predictions that the Yankees will win the division and if they continue to play like this for the rest of the year, I think that my World Series prediction will be right on (assuming they can handle the red hot Angels).

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