2009-2010 NFL Power Rankings – Week 4

Welcome back to the MikesPickz NFL Power Rankings. There were a few drastic changes this weeks, as many teams said something about themselves last week.

*As you probably know by now, teams are ranked into tiers, teams within a tier are teams I expect to finish with similar records and thus may be interchangeable in my opinion.

Tier 1
— 1. Giants– They took care of business just as they should have against the Bucs, beating them 24-0.

— 2. Ravens– The Ravens are averaging 34 points per game and 430 yards of offense per game, wow.

up3. Colts– Dominant against the Cards in Week 3. They are looking sharp this season.

Tier 2

dn4. Saints– Impressive win against the Bills last week because they did it without dominance by Drew Brees. He did not throw a TD and he only threw for a little more than 170 yards. Pierre Thomas carried the load in his first action of the year. Good that they are able to win without Brees, but bad if teams have figured out Brees (which I don’t think they have- it was simply an off day).

— 5. Vikings– Very close against the 49ers, slightly lucky that they won the game. The odds that Favre could connect on that pass again are slim, but it was a bullet in the perfect spot and it shows that he still has some magic left.

up6. Patriots– Nice rebound from loss to Jets, but still not showing the offense that we are used to. I think they are highly motivated for rematch with Jets in week 11. I can see them winning out until that game, if of course they take care of business at home against the Ravens this week.

Tier 3
up7. Jets– The Jets are tough on defense and that is getting them where they want to be. Mark Sanchez is doing just enough for them to get the wins, big game against the Saints this week.

dn8. Falcons– Still a good team, but they lost to a better team. Don’t worry Falcons fans, I think the team will be fine. They have a bye week to forget about the loss.

up9. Eagles– Kolb is putting up impressive yardage numbers. Andy Reid and the coaching staff need to get a lot of credit for getting him game ready to replace McNabb (hopefully not for much longer). Slightly disappointed in Vick’s usage, but it was his first real game in over two years so it is understandable.

up10. Packers– Aaron Rodgers has not thrown an interception all season (knock on wood). The Packers took care of business against the Rams, as they should have. They play Favre for the first time this week, should be a big time drama game.

up11. Chargers– Still not overly impressed with their offense this season, but I do think LT will make it much better when he returns. Vincent Jackson may be one of the most underrated WRs in the game.

dn12. Steelers– I repeat- Where is the power running game that the Steelers are recognized by? I win in OT and two losses in the final seconds do not equal a good locker room.

Tier 4

up13. Bears– Jay Cutler has returned to Pro Bowl form, and the Bears need that to stay competitive in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL.

dn14. 49ers– Tough loss against the Vikings, but they should not be down on themselves too hard. They lost Gore after one play and they defended the game winning pass from Favre about as good as possible. The WRs were well covered, and they collapsed the pocket- you can’t ask for more – it was just perfectly executed by the Vikings. Rebound game against the Rams this week.

–15. Cowboys– They looked pedestrian in the first half against the Panthers. The running game is still tremendous this season.

up16. Bengals– This team could easily be 3-0, and I think that you have to watch out for them this year. The last drive against the Steelers was executed perfectly.

dn17. Broncos– Impressive win against the Raiders in Oakland, but still nothing spectacular out of them this season.

Tier 5
dn18. Titans– They are starting to lose control of the season, they need a change. Collins threw 13 consecutive in-completions against the Jets, do I smell Vince Young anytime soon?

up19. Texans– Probably the most inconsistent team in the league. They must learn how to stop the run in order to be competitive week in and out.

up20. Cardinals- They only moved up because more teams played worse than them last week (hard as that is to believe). They look nothing like they did last year- they have allowed more points than they have scored (great offense?).

–21. Seahawks– Matt Hasselbeck’s injury is huge.

Tier 6

up22. Bills– T.O. had his consecutive game with a catch streak broken last week. I expect him to blow very soon. Same situation as Cardinals, only moved up because of other teams’ poor play.

up23. Jaguars– Nice win against the Texans this week, hopefully it ignites the offense.

dn24. Redskins– They are “the team.” The team that ended the Lions winless streak. That pretty much sums up their entire season so far, and it doesn’t look any better in the future.

dn25. Panthers– Delhomme is long gone from his prime and so is the 12-4 team that was here last year.

dn26. Dolphins– Chad Pennington out for the season = season out the window. Pennington was a super efficient QB, not flashy at all but he threw completions- and they still didn’t win a game. Without him, they are in major trouble (Seahawks comparison here).

–27. Raiders– The worst passing game in the NFL… by a lot. They need to find more of a balance to win games in the NFL.

Tier 7

up28. Lions– “King Kong is off their back.” I see more wins for them this season, most prominently in week 8 against the Rams and then they play the Browns later on in the season.

–29. Chiefs– Cassell’s return was not a good one. I will give him a pass for last week, but he needs to improve.

dn30. Bucs– They are terrible this season. They demoted Leftwich to 3rd string, but I don’t know how much that helps. Best chance for a win this week against the Redskins (unfortunately for them, the Redskins just lost to the Lions are more than likely going to want this game more than they have ever wanted a game).

dn31. Browns– Ouch, and it doesn’t get any easier.

–32. Rams– Believe it or not, the Rams got better last week, and it is really bad to say why- Bulger’s injury. Bulger was not cutting it.

That will do it for this week’s power rankings, be sure to check back next week for another ranking. Any questions or comments? Post them in the comment section below or send me a tweet @MikesPickz.

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  1. I like the rankings this week. Although I think the Redskins should be moved down a few slots. The Panthers are bad, yes. But I think they played strong against a Dallas team that should of obliterated them. Can they really do much worse? Delhomme’s interceptions in key situations are a killer! The Colt’s rush defense is weak.

  2. I like the rankings this week. Although I think the Redskins should be moved down a few slots. The Panthers are bad, yes. But I think they played strong against a Dallas team that should of obliterated them. Can they really do much worse? Delhomme’s interceptions in key situations are a killer! The Colt’s rush defense is weak.

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