Top 7 Impact Players from the 2010 NBA Draft

“Last years draft only had about 7 players make an impact- this year will be very similar!” – Dickie V

The NBA Draft has past and this year’s class is absolutely filled with underclassman. I completely agree with Dickie V’s statement above. The reason there will be probably seven or less players that will make an impact this year is because of their inexperience. To be honest, the NBA Age Limit policy is getting out of hand and it is also hurting not only hurting college basketball, but the NBA as well. But hey, if you want to give a player $23 million dollars a year before they even practice yet, be my guest. It’s your franchise, not mine, that is going to suffer in the long run.

So with that being said, here are the Top 7 players that will make an impact for his team.The 2010 NBA Draft

  1. John Wall (Washington Wizards) – Wall was the number one overall pick before his freshman year even started. There is no doubt that this kid has got the talent, but what I want to know is does he have the heart. The 2009/2010 Men’s Kentucky Wildcats team had 5 players go in the first round, and they did not reach the final four. This can only mean one thing that they still have a lot to learn. John Wall is going to be a star, however, it will take him a while. But, that’s not to say that the kid will make a huge impact for the Washington Wizards who right now are in a interesting position with 3 solid point guards who all want playing time.
  2. Wesley Johnson (Minnesota Timberwolves) – Out of all of the top five picks, Wesley Johnson is probably the closest one to NBA ready. Plenty of college experience and athleticism, Johnson is also a terrific defender as well. He is definitely a role player, as he still needs a bit more polishing in certain areas of his game. However, he is going to make a huge impact for the Timberwolves.
  3. DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings) – DeMarcus Cousins is the kid in high school that everyone hated because he was big, arrogant, and talented. Cousins’ is arguably the most gifted out of all the prospects, and also the one with the biggest attitude. This pick from Sacramento is going to be a hit or miss. If it hits, DeMarcus Cousins will be a big time player in only a couple of months. On the other hand, his work ethic and immaturity can easily land him on the all time “bust” list.
  4. Avery Bradley (Boston Celtics) – Bradley is a Tony Allen type player. The only difference is that he can actually score. Tony Allen is a tremendous basketball player with incredible defensive awareness. He annoyed the hell out of Kobe during the Finals’. The only problem was that when the Celtics were on offense, Allen was nowhere to be found. This is where Avery Bradley comes in. He is not only going to lock down the opposing team’s best player, he is also going to score as well.
  5. Greg Monroe (Detroit Pistons) – Detroit desperately needed a big man, and they got one. Monroe could have gone to the draft last year, however he stayed for one more year. Although he didn’t improve as much as people thought he would, there was improvement shown. Monroe will most likely start as soon as the season starts and could easily lead the team in rebounding and scoring.
  6. James Anderson (San Antonio Spurs) – The Spurs are the New England Patriots of the NBA. Anderson is in a perfect system, as he is not required to carry the load. He is a 6’6 shooting guard who can shoot it from three and can score at will. There is no doubt that James Anderson will be a game changer for the Spurs.
  7. Derrick Favors (New Jersey Nets) – Some say that DeMarcus Cousins is more talented than Favors. But any college basketball player who goes to the gym to work out right after they lose a tough game deserves to be in the top three. Favors had a fairly weak Georgia Tech team yet still found a way to win and execute. The Nets need all the help they can get and Favors will certainly help them. Also, he is not the only big man on their frontcourt as Brook Lopez will be right next to him posting up as well.

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