NFL Double Standard?

Calvin JohnsonI was watching some highlights of the NFL today and of course there was plenty of talk about the Calvin Johnson play. When I saw the highlights from the Seahawks – 49ers game, it made me think. It really is easier to score a touchdown on the run than through the air. Think about it, how many times does a player just dive and barely break the goal line and be awarded a touchdown?

Check out this highlight of Matt Hasselbeck rushing for a TD against the Niners:

He clearly does not maintain control of the ball after he makes contact with the ground after being hit by a defender, but the result is a touchdown because he was rushing. Now I understand that by rushing with the ball, he clearly shows possession, but is diving for the end zone haphazardly really different from coming down with a catch? A player dives for the end zone praying to break the plane regardless of whether or not he can control the ball after breaking the plane.

Calvin Johnson clearly had possession with two feet in the end zone, that would be a touchdown if he rushed the ball. He also clearly had possession when his backside hit the ground, it wasn’t till he rolled over that he dropped the ball.

What do you think? Do you think that the rules favor rushing and diving at the end zone over receiving a pass in the end zone? Comment below, or tweet @MikesPickz

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