2010 NFL Postseason Predictions

The field is set, the 32 teams have been cut down to the final 12. The NFL Postseason is upon us.

There are some big time surprises this year. Who expected the Chiefs and the Seahawks to be the #4 seeds for the AFC and NFC, respectively? Certainly not me. Who expected only one playoff team to come out of the NFC East? Again, not me. With the surprises comes the standards, almost everyone expected the Saints, Patriots, Ravens, and Packers to make the playoffs. One thing is for certain, the 2010 postseason will be a good one.

Wild Card Weekend


New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts
Winner: Colts
As good as the Jets’ defense is, Peyton Manning seemingly owns Rex Ryan. I expect it to continue this week, but for a different reason. The Colts have been playing great football of late, and they needed to in order to make the playoffs. During the final three games, the Colts have held opponents to under 70 rushing while averaging more than 130 yards rushing per game. If the Jets get down early, I don’t have confidence in Mark Sanchez to be able to control the game in the air.

Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs
Winner: Chiefs
Even though the Chiefs are home and the higher seed, they are the underdog in this game. I actually like the Chiefs to “upset” the Ravens. The Chiefs are the best rushing team in the NFL and they don’t turn the ball over. They may not pass the ball for tremendous amounts of yards, but Cassel has thrown 27 TDs to only 7 INTs. He takes care of the ball and I don’t think he will allow Ed Reed to dictate the passing game. Also, the home field advantage will play a big factor. They Chiefs are tremendous at home having gone 7-1.


New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks
Winner: Saints
The Saints have struggled some this season, specifically their run game, but they have more talent and should win this match-up easily.

Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles
Winner: Packers
Three weeks ago, the Eagles were my team to beat in the NFL. After that amazing win against the Giants, I was leaning Eagles in the Super Bowl and Michael Vick as the MVP. Since then, the Eagles have not played well and the MVP will definitely go to Tom Brady. The Eagles’ offensive line is simply not good enough. Vick is seemingly hit on every play and the Packers’ defense will come after him, early and often. On the other side, the Packers are on fire of late. They have basically already played two playoff games just to get into the playoffs and I expect them to ride the momentum.

Divisional Round


Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers
Winner: Steelers
I don’t like the Colts having to play in Heinz Field. The Colts and Steelers match-up nicely and this would be a tremendous game, but in the end the Steelers are the better team this season.

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots
Winner: Patriots
Two words: Tom Brady. The Chiefs were a below .500 team on the road and the Patriots were a perfect 8-0 at home. The Chiefs simply won’t be able to score enough to win this game.


New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears
Winner: Saints
Interesting fact: The Bears and Saints were both better road teams than they were at home. I think that will negate the Bears home field advantage, even if it snows. The Saints have the 6th ranked offense and 4th ranked defense, while the Bears have the 30th ranked offense and 9th ranked defense. The Saints are the better team with the better QB and should win.

Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons
Winner: Packers
Again, I like the Packers momentum. The Falcons have a tremendous home field advantage, but they are beatable. The Packers have the 9th ranked offense and the 5th ranked defense, while the Falcons have the 16th ranked offense and 16th ranked defense. The Falcons generally play close games, and I expect this to come down to the wire.

Conference Championships


Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots
Winner: Patriots
The Steelers clearly have the better defense in this match-up, but the Patriots have been able to score points on everyone this season (even the Steelers in Pittsburgh), especially at home. The Patriots are beatable and they have had some close games at home (Packers), but I’ll take Tom Brady and Bill Belichick over Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin. Although, Tomlin is one of the best coaches in the NFL.


Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints
Winner: Packers
Let me lead this off by saying I am not a Green Bay Packers fan and I am not a resident of Wisconsin. I think the Packers defense will be able to slow down the Saints and Aaron Rodgers is one of the more under-rated QBs in the NFL because he hasn’t won a playoff game, yet. This game will most likely have over 500 combined passing yards, since both teams don’t have the best running games.

Super Bowl
Green Bay Packers vs New England Patriots
Winner: Patriots
This will be a tremendous rematch of the Week 15 Sunday Night Football game. This time instead of Matt Flynn leading the way, the Packers will have Aaron Rodgers at the helm. I think that actually favors the Patriots. I feel the Patriots struggled against Flynn since there was not much NFL film of him available. The Patriots will be well prepared and should be able to beat the Packers because they are the more balanced offensive team.

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  1. I can’t see the Saints beating the Bears. As nice as it would be for a wild card to make it to the super bowl, that’s not going to happen. Packers have no chance against the Falcons.

    Patriots will definitely stay the favorite and I like their chance of winning. If they do in fact win, Tom Brady will be a top 3 QB of all time (Marino, Montana).

    Also, the chiefs suck. Don’t feel obligated to pick teams you know won’t win (chiefs, packers), just to make the underdogs feel better.

  2. I can see the Saints beating the Bears for one main reason – I’m not sold on Jay Cutler in a big game. He is inconsistent and I think he will make mental mistakes that could cost them the game.

    The Packers definitely have a chance against the Falcons. In Week 12, the Packers lost 20-17 against the Falcons in Atlanta. It was a field goal with 9 seconds left that put the Falcons over the top. The Packers have a great defense and they can score with anybody when Rodgers has it going.

    I agree the Patriots are clearly the favorite and Tom Brady is definitely making an argument to not only be a Top 3 QB all-time, but to be the best ever if his career keeps going like it is now.

    I do not feel obligated to pick teams I know won’t win, as I already mentioned the Packers have a strong chance to make the Super Bowl. The Chiefs is probably my riskiest pick, but they play great at home, their rushing offense is tremendous, and they don’t turn the ball over. As good as the Ravens defense is, I think they will be on the field for a long time and they have been notorious for being softer in the 4th quarter. The Ravens offense was inconsistent all season and if they are not on their A game, I see the upset coming.

  3. if the bears were playing the saints in new orleans, i may agree, but the bears at home in january is something i wouldn’t bet against

    also, i think the falcons are not getting the credit they deserve. i haven’t really heard anything about the team this year. matt ryan is nearly invincible at home. i don’t think he is going to lose, especially against a wild car team

    as for the ravens/chiefs, i don’t really see much coming from the chiefs. they couldn’t even beat the raiders this year. i just looked at the chiefs schedule, and they only beat one team over .500 (jacksonville). the ravens have quality wins over fellow playoff teams (jets, saints, steelers). also, the chiefs rushing statistics are inflated. i mean, when you get to play the browns, 49ers, titans, rams, broncos (x2), seahawks, cardinals, bills, and even the raiders (x2), those numbers don’t look as impressive

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