NFC Championship Breakdown: Packers vs Bear

It doesn’t get much better than this – the NFL’s oldest rivalry is meeting with a chance to play in the Super Bowl on the line. Not only does that make a great storyline, but the Bears Head Coach, Lovie Smith, stated on his first day as coach that his number one goal was to beat the Green Bay Packers. He now gets his chance to do so and by doing so he gets the opportunity to inch one step closer to his other goal of winning the Super Bowl.
Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears
Will he accomplish his goal? No, the Packers are on fire lately and they will be able to go to Chicago and beat the Bears. The Packers defense has been unbelievable of late and they will definitely be able to stop an inconsistent Jay Cutler. If Cutler plays the game of his life, the Bears have a chance, but they still have to stop Aaron Rodgers and the Packers’ offense. The Bears defense is tremendous, but the Packers offense can score on anybody.

Usually the weather has potential to play a factor in a big playoff game, but not this time. Both teams are cold weather teams and I do not expect there to be any problems handling the bitter cold that is expected.

In the end, this is Rodgers game to crawl out of the Favre shadow and take the Packers to the Super Bowl. Then if he is able to win the Super Bowl, Green Bay will become Rodgers’ town and team.

My Prediction: Packers 31 – Bears 17

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