Sportsmanship: Saints Set the Record in Run Situation

By now you probably already know that Drew Brees has surpassed Dan Marino’s single season passing record. You probably also heard how the record was broken, the Saints stopped the Falcons on 4th down on the their own 33 yard line with a little over 5 min remaining in the game.
Drew Brees surpasses Dan Marino
With Drew Brees needing 30 yards to break the record, Sean Payton and the Saints decided instead of running out the clock – they would go for the record. Some feel this was disrespectful to the Falcons – I am not one of those people.

If I was the Falcons, this is the perfect situation. At the time, the score was 38-16 – not a likely comeback scenario, but plausible with over 5 minutes to go. Passing stops the clock and gives you a chance to get the ball back. All the Falcons needed to do was step up and play defense against a team that telegraphed it was going to pass the ball.

Brees basically was challenging the Falcons to stop him from getting the record, and the Falcons did not step-up to the plate. No disrespect was meant by the Saints, and it shouldn’t have even been talked about.

Passing the ball to attempt to break Marino’s record does not equate to automatically beating the record. If anything, Brees had a somewhat off game by forcing some throws into deep double coverage (the two INTs stand out). He was well below his season completion percentage as well.

Falcons fans don’t feel disrespected that your defense couldn’t stop Brees, no-one has been able to all season long.

The true reason behind the disrespect talk is to try and motivate the team for the possible first round playoff match-up between against the Saints.

Congratulations Drew Brees, and way to go Saints for going after the record on Monday Night Football in New Orleans.

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