MLB Sweep Tracker Update: Series ending 6/4

Welcome back to another update of the MLB Sweep Tracker!

This was the busiest two week stretch of the season, with 19 total series sweeps.

The major story of over the past two weeks has been the fact that the Chicago Cubs swept another team or were swept for every series over the two week period. Unfortunately for them, they were swept three times while recording only one sweep (3-10 record overall).

This past two week period also was the stretch of firsts, the number of teams that have not been swept has been reduced to only two – Chicago White Sox and Cincinnati Reds. While the number of teams that have not recorded a sweep has also been reduced to only two – Oakland Athletics and San Diego Padres.

Despite not recording a sweep over the past two weeks, the Los Angeles Dodgers remain in the lead with 5 total sweeps, while the Cubs tied the Minnesota Twins for the most times being swept with six on the season.

Stayed tuned and check back the week of June 17th for the next update that will include series ending on or before Father’s Day!

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