NCAA ‘Colllege’ World Series Oversight

NCAA "Colllege" World Series

The NCAA College World Series is under way and it is making headlines. Unfortunately, it is making the wrong kind of headlines. Somehow, when painting one of the dugouts, college was misspelled in huge letters. Colllege with 3 Ls would not be winning any spelling bees anytime soon.

I’m not exactly sure how an oversight like this was missed. It’s fairly obvious, and when looking at the word, it just looks awkward with the extra L. What most likely happened was the painter forgot where he/she was and tripled up on the Ls. On the plus side, the NCAA College World Series can only get better from here.

And in case you were wondering, all four teams that used the misspelled dugout lost. That’s a lot of Ls.

Credit to the original tweeter for the spot:

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