Yasiel Puig: All-Star or Too Soon?

Yasiel Puig has set the MLB on fire since being called up on June 2nd. He had a historic first month in the majors, batting .443 with 8 home runs and 17 RBIs in 27 games.

With the All-Star rosters set to be revealed tonight, it is only natural that Puig be mentioned in the conversation. His numbers are terrific, but he has a very limited sample size. Should a player who has been in the league for barely more than a month, be honored during the All-Star game?
Yasiel Puig
This is not a simple question. On one hand, you can be quick to say no because he doesn’t have a sample size and the All-Star game is meant to honor terrific first halves. But, on the other hand, in the MLB the All-Star game determines home field advantage for the World Series and with that in mind, wouldn’t you want the best players in the game?

It’s not easy, because one month doesn’t mean anything. Just ask Justin Upton, he started the season with one of the greatest April lines ever. He batted .298/.402/.734 with 12 homers. Today he stands at .248/.355/.450 with 15 homers. Do I want him to be an All-Star? No, there are way more deserving outfielders than him this season.

Does that mean Puig is going to flop the rest of the season? Not at all, just ask Chris Davis. Chris Davis, like Justin Upton, was named a Player of the Month for April of this season. His April line of .348/.442/.728 with 9 homers and 28 RBI was incredible. Today he stands at, .324/.399/.721 with 33 homers and 85 RBIs. Should he be an All-Star? Not even a question, he should be.

If I was the Manager of the NL All-Star team, what would I do to solve this problem? I would include him in the final spot vote, this way the fans can vote him in if they want him in. His numbers at the moment are worthy of a chance, and if baseball purists who think one month is too small of a sample size are the majority, he won’t get in. After-all, you can’t take the popularity part of the All-Star game away, as long as the fans get a vote.

What do you think, does he deserve to make the NL All-Star team?

[Photo Credit: LasordasLair.com]

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