MLB’s Secret Wish Came True: ALDS Rangers vs Blue Jays

If you ask the higher-ups in Major League Baseball, I’d bet they secretly wanted for the season to end somehow with the Texas Rangers playing the Toronto Blue Jays in the playoffs. Edwin Encarnacion’s monster walk-off home-run in the 11th inning against the Baltimore Orioles in the Wild Card game made that wish a reality.

Let’s rewind to last season’s ALDS, in which the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Texas Rangers in 5 games, thanks to this:

The Rangers did not appreciate the dramatic bat flip. As evidenced by this:

Bautista didn’t appreciate getting drilled, decided to make a late hard slide into second base and that resulted in this:

Let’s just put it this way, there is no love lost between the Blue Jays and Rangers, and that should make this a must watch series. Ratings should be pretty good for MLB and it’s broadcast partners.

I’m excited for this series, and I expect the Rangers to win it this time around. What about you?

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