Logan Morrison Isn’t Happy that Gary Sanchez is in the Home Run Derby

Logan Morrison wasn’t too happy about the MLB inviting Gary Sanchez to the Home Run Derby. Well, I have news for you Mr. Morrison, the MLB got this one right. The Home Run Derby is an exhibition contest for the fans. It’s a show that is put on for enjoyment and most people wouldn’t even realize that Morrison is second in the AL with 24 home runs. Morrison isn’t moving the ratings meter, Sanchez is.

Logan MorrisonMorrison mocked Sanchez saying “I remember when I had 14 home runs, that was a month and a half ago.” Well, you know what I remember, the last time Morrison had more than 20 home runs in a season was 2011. In fact, his 24 home runs this year is already a career high for him.

Gary Sanchez lit the league on fire last year with 20 home runs in 53 games. This year he has 13 in 52, a much more natural, but still terrific, pace. Sanchez is, no-doubt-about-it, a home run hitter worthy of the home run contest. He hits bombs. According to ESPN’s home run tracker, Sanchez is second in the Majors in average distance (min. 9 homers) with 420.9 feet. Yes, that is even better than Aaron Judge’s average distance.

The MLB will showcase last year’s winner, Giancarlo Stanton, in his home ballpark against two of the game’s brightest young stars, Judge and Sanchez, who routinely hit must watch home runs. They definitely made the right call. Sorry Morrison, you aren’t bringing fans to the TV and that is why you’re not participating.

I’m excited for this year’s Derby and I’m sure many baseball fans are and no-one is losing sleep over Morison being excluded.



[Image Credit: Brian Blanco/Getty Images]

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