2019 MLB Postseason Predictions

The 2019 MLB Postseason is here!

The Astros have the best team in the playoffs, but does that mean they will win the World Series? It did for the Red Sox last year, but it is not always the case. The Astros might have the best rotation in MLB Postseason history with Justin Verlander, Gerrit Cole and Zach Grienke. I am rooting for Verlander and Cole to be co-Cy Youngs, because picking between them is borderline impossible. Having said that, do I see the Astros winning the World Series?

Here is how I see the postseason breaking down.

Wild Card Round:

Brewers over the Nationals
Rays over the As

Divisional Round:

Astros over the Rays
Yankees over the Twins
Dodgers over Brewers
Braves over the Cardinals

Championship Round:

Yankees over the Astros
Braves over the Dodgers

World Series:

Yankees over the Braves
MVP: Aaron Judge

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