2016-17 NFL Picks: Week 16

Welcome to Week 16 of the NFL. After strong 46-27-2 record against the spread (62.67%) from Weeks 10-14, last week was a minor set-back, but I look to get back on track this week.

The Best Bet is the team I believe has the best chance to win and cover the spread.
Home teams are in CAPS.

NFL Week 16

Favorite Spread Underdog My Pick Comments/ My Outcome
 Giants 2.5  EAGLES  Giants  Loss
 PATRIOTS  16.5 Jets  Jets  Loss
 Redskins  3  BEARS  Redskins  Win
 BILLS  3.5  Dolphins  BILLS  Loss
 SAINTS  3  Bucs  Bucs  Loss
 Falcons  2.5  PANTHERS  Falcons  Win
 PACKERS  6.5  Vikings  PACKERS  Win
 Titans  4.5  JAGUARS  Titans  Loss
 Chargers  6.5  BROWNS  Chargers  Loss
 RAIDERS  3.5  Colts  RAIDERS  Win
 RAMS  3.5  49ers  49ers  Win
 SEAHAWKS  9  Cards  Cards  Win
 TEXANS  1.5  Bengals  Bengals  Loss
 STEELERS  5  Ravens  STEELERS  Loss
 CHIEFS  4.5  Broncos  CHIEFS  Win
 COWBOYS  7.5  Lions  COWBOYS  Win

Best Bet: BILLS- loss

Previous Week’s Record: 4-11-1, full picks here

Regular Season Record: 109-109-6 (50.00%)

Postseason Record: N/A

Best Bet Record: 8-7

King of the Hill Picks:
(once a team is used, I can’t use them again & the team only has to win, not cover the spread)

Week Pick One Pick Two
Week 1 Seahawks- win Chiefs- win
Week 2 Panthers- win Raiders- loss
Week 3 Dolphins- win Cards- loss
Week 4 Cards- loss Redskins- win
Week 5 Patriots- win Vikings- win
Week 6 Titans- win Steelers- loss
Week 7 Bengals- win Falcons- loss
Week 8 Vikings- loss Titans- win
Week 9 Chiefs- win Packers- loss
Week 10 Ravens- win Chargers- loss
Week 11 Steelers- win Patriots- win
Week 12 Bills- win Saints- win
Week 13 Packers- win Seahawks- win
Week 14 Colts- loss Lions- loss
Week 15 Falcons- win Bills- win
Week 16  Raiders- win  Cowboys- win
Week 17


Last Season:

Regular Season Record: 137-113-6 (54.69%)

Postseason Record: 3-8

Best Bet Record: 7-10, Postseason: 1-2

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