2016-17 NFL Picks: Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the NFL.


The Best Bet is the team I believe has the best chance to win and cover the spread.
Home teams are in CAPS.

NFL Week 2

Favorite Spread Underdog My Pick Comments/ My Outcome
BILLS 2.5 Jets Jets Win
 GIANTS  4.5  Saints  Saints  Win
 LIONS  5.5  Titans  LIONS  Loss
 TEXANS  2  Chiefs  Chiefs  Loss
 PATRIOTS  6.5  Dolphins  PATRIOTS  Win
 Ravens  6.5  BROWNS  BROWNS  Win
 STEELERS  3.5  Bengals  STEELERS  Win
 REDSKINS  3  Cowboys  Cowboys  Win
 PANTHERS  13.5  49ers  49ers  Loss
 CARDS  6.5  Bucs  CARDS  Win
 Seahawks  6  RAMS  RAMS  Win
 BRONCOS  6  Colts  Colts  Loss
 RAIDERS  5.5  Falcons  RAIDERS  Loss
 CHARGERS  3  Jaguars  Jaguars  Loss
 Packers  2.5  VIKINGS  VIKINGS  Win
 BEARS  3  Eagles  Eagles  Win

Best Bet: RAIDERS- loss

Previous Week’s Record: 6-10

Regular Season Record: 6-10

Postseason Record: N/A

Best Bet Record: 0-1

King of the Hill Picks:
(once a team is used, I can’t use them again & the team only has to win, not cover the spread)

Week Pick One Pick Two
Week 1 Seahawks- win Chiefs- win
Week 2  Panthers- win  Raiders- loss
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Last Season:

Regular Season Record: 137-113-6 (54.69%)

Postseason Record: 3-8

Best Bet Record: 7-10, Postseason: 1-2

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