2008-09 NBA Playoff Predictions

The NBA Regular Season came to a close yesterday, and now the seeding is set for the playoffs. The playoff picture looks like this:

Eastern Conference:

1. Cleveland vs. 8. Detroit
2. Boston vs. 7. Chicago
3. Orlando vs. 6. Philadelphia
4. Atlanta vs. 5. Miami

Western Conference:

1. Lakers vs. 8. Utah
2. Denver vs. 7. New Orleans
3. San Antonio vs. 6. Dallas
4. Portland vs. 5. Houston

The way I see it playing out in the East is:

-Cleveland wins and plays Atlanta
-Orlando wins and plays Boston
-Then I have Cleveland win and play Boston and Cleveland wins and goes to the NBA Finals.

For the West I have:

-Lakers win and play Portland
-San Antonio win and play New Orleans
-Then I have the Lakers win and play San Antonio, with the Lakers winning and playing Cleveland in the Finals
-I have Cleveland win the Finals in 6 games, with LeBron being Finals MVP.

Possible upset: Orlando over Boston in the Eastern Semis. It was announced today that Garnett is “No Way” ready for the Playoffs. He suffered a knee injury in February and has missed 21 of 35 games since then. The Celtics still have Ray Allen and the reigning Finals MVP- Paul Pierce, but Dwight Howard might be tough to contain without Garnett.

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