Final Thoughts on the Tragic Case of Steve McNair

As I am sure you have heard several times already, Steve McNair was shot and killed over the past weekend. It was officially ruled today that it was a murder- suicide. His ‘mistress,’ Kazemi, shot him four times and thenshot herself in the head.

This really is a terrible situation and a terrible way for a great athlete AND person to pass away. I just hope that the way he died doesn’t overshadow his legacy as a Titan and all the charity work he did. McNair may not be a Hall of Famer because of all the injuries that he had but he was definitely a top quarterback in the league in his prime. He was co-MVP with Manning once and he led the Titans to the Superbowl (one in which they fell 1 yard short against the Rams). When the story first broke, I became aware of the enourmous amounts of charity work that he did. I wish I could have met him, as he seemed like a true great person to be around.

Kazemi was rumored to have told some people that McNair was going to be filing a divorce with his wife in order to be with her. There were pictures of McNair and Kazemi on vacation together, with both looking happy. There was the Escalade that McNair gave her for her birthday (the car was registered to both of them). All of this negative publicity occured after a great man passed away. I hope that the media doesn’t burn these images in people’s heads because that is not how he should be remembered.

Kazemi probably thought McNair was going to get a divorce, and when he said he wasn’t she lost it and did this. That could’ve been the reasoning, but we will never fully know the motives behind this, and therefore we should not assume the worst, because McNair’s past doesn’t allow people to assume the worst. He was a hard working and dedicated QB, he played injured and performed at an extremely high level, he did so much charity work, he opened a restaurant, in which he was hands on with, he never had any major run-ins with the law, he was a loving father of 4– he was a great person PERIOD.

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