Predicting the MLB All-Star Game

The All-Star Game festivities started tonight with the Home-Run derby. My pick to win it, Prince Fielder, won it by hitting 11 homers in round one, 6 in round two and 6 in round three (beating Nelson Cruz’s 5). He didn’t just hit home-runs, he crushed them, with many going over 450ft. He hit 4 of the longest 5 home-runs, including a 503ft bomb.

Tomorrow (July 14th) is the All-Star game. The American League has dominated the All-Star game of late (11-0-1 in the past 12), but this year I think the National League has a real chance to win. I think the pitching depth of the National League is better than that of the American League. Lincecum is on fire of late and I expect it to continue (even against All-Stars).

Also, I do not agree with Joe Maddon’s managerial decisions- mainly

1. Ian Kinsler should have replaced Pedroia, no question replace a 2B with a 2B (who also was second in the vote to start and 2nd in the Final Vote). OK Pena leads the AL in homers, but he bats .228. Pena wasn’t even the next best 1B left, which leads me to my second disagreement

2. Where is Miguel Cabrera? Is .321, 18HR, 50RBI, 52 runs, only 50Ks (compared to 111 for Pena) not an all-star stat line? Better numbers than Pena, should have at least been in the Final Vote (would have won it).

Maddon is a great (he turned them around amazingly and deserves so much credit) manager of the Rays, but he let a little bias into his All-Star picking (his entire infield is on the team- only Longoria was voted in). I think it costs the AL its streak.

What do you think? Who will win the All-Star game? Comment below or send me a tweet @MikesPickz

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