Review of the 2009 All-Star Game

Once again the American League won the All-Star game, and the score was familiar as well. The AL beat the NL by a score of 4-3, the same as last year except this year they didn’t need to go to extra innings. Other than Obama throwing out the first pitch, him being in the booth in the bottom of the 2nd and the catch by Crawford there wasn’t much exciting about this one- unless you like pitching duels.

This was a pitchers duel- 7 runs scored in the entire game, but 5 were scored in the first 2 innings. There were no home-runs and there were really no outstanding hitting lines to mention. In fact Carl Crawford was named the MVP because of the catch he made robbing Brad Hawpe of a home-run. It was a great catch and a game saving catch (it was 3-3 at the time).

President Obama threw out the first pitch and FOX missed it. FOX used a poor camera angle and they missed where the ball landed. Later when Obama joined the broadcast team in the bottom of the 2nd inning, they did show the throw. He threw a high ball from the mound and Pujols caught it from in front of home plate and saved Obama from throwing a bouncing ball.

Papelbon of the Red Sox got the win and ironically Mariano Rivera of the Yankees, the arch-rival, got the save.

It was a good game, but not as exciting as some of the past all-star games.

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