NBA Finals Rematch?

The Orlando Magic took on the Boston Celtics yesterday for a chance to make it to the NBA Finals in consecutive years. The Magic, who had a 14 game winning streak, didn’t expect to get beat at home by the Celtics. The Celtics showed everyone that they are not over the hill just yet. They were coming off a convincing series against the NBA’s best regular season team (the Cavs), and they kept the momentum going. The Big Three will prove to much for Howard, Carter and Nelson, especially with Wallace contributing off the bench- I’m going with the Celtics in six games, ruining the NBA Finals rematch.

The Los Angeles Lakers took on the Phoenix Suns today for a chance to make it to the Finals and repeat as champs. Both teams were coming off of sweeps in the previous rounds and both were playing great basketball. In a high scoring game the Lakers were able to win by a score of 128 to 107. My original prediction of Suns in six, didn’t look too good today, but I’m sticking with it. With Lopez returning for this series, I like the Suns with the upset – especially if Nash plays like he did against the Spurs.

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