MLB Trade Deadline Fast Approaching

The 2010 MLB trade deadline is fast approaching (July 31st) and so far the only big deal to go down has been the Mariners-Rangers trade involving Cliff Lee.

I expect there will be at least one more deal that will impact the playoff race. Corey Hart will almost definitely be dealt to a contender, namely the Giants.
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I also read an interesting rumor regarding Hart’s teammate, Prince Fielder. The White Sox seem to be very interested in the slugger. At first I didn’t understand since they have Konerko, but Fielder is younger and Konerko will be a free agent at years end. Do I think the deal will happen? No, I don’t think the White Sox are ready to give up on Gordon Beckham.

Other big name hitters on the trade block are Jorge Cantu of the Florida Marlins and Adam LaRoche of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Angels see rumored to be interesting in both. LaRoche, a notoriously better hitter in the second half, should be a great addition to any team. Cantu, although struggling mightily since his hot start, will be a nice piece that can play 1B or 3B.

You can’t forget about the big name pitchers on the block. The most notable pitcher is Dan Haren, despite his poor track record of second half pitching. The St. Louis Cardinals are focused on Haren. He would be a good fit there. With Carpenter and Wainwright, Haren wouldn’t have the same pressure his has in Arizona and he wouldn’t be changing leagues. The Cards are also interested in Jake Westbrook. Other pitchers on the block inclue Ted Lilly of the Cubs and Brett Myers of the Houston Astros. Another Astro is manny trade rumors is Roy Oswalt, but he likely will not be dealt because of the very high price tag.

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