Chris Paul Demands Trade

Yet another NBA superstar is looking to relocate this summer. This time its not via Free Agency, Chris Paul is demanding a trade from the New Orleans Hornets. This news was definitely a surprise to me, Paul was one of the last superstars that I would have expected to demand a trade. It is actually somewhat disappointing to me.

It’s official though, LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade have started a new phase of the NBA. It seems that superstars would now rather play together than be the man themselves on their own team. Although, the James-Bosh-Wade deal was a great thing showing that money is not the most important thing to every player, I’m not sure if this new superstar grouping trend is good for the NBA. Smaller market teams might struggle to find talent. But, thankfully the league has players like Kevin Durant, who resigned with the Oklahoma City Thunder (they have a solid team over there – sorry Seattle).
Chris Paul
Chris Paul hasn’t just demanded a trade, he has a list of the three destinations that he prefers to end up in. He wants to either join Kobe in LA, join Amare in NY, or join Dwight in ORL. Of these teams, it is hard to see a deal coming up that is favorable to everyone.

First, the Lakers don’t really need Chris Paul. The Lakers system is built on the post and Kobe. Possibly trading Bynum in the package wouldn’t make the most sense for the Lakers.

Second, the Knicks don’t have much talent to offer the Hornets. They would have to include Gallinari, but they don’t have draft picks to offer in the deal. But if the Hornets want to free cap space, Curry’s expiring contract might be enticing.

Lastly, the Magic could offer Nelson and picks. This would be the best package for the Hornets in terms of talent. Also, it would help the Magic. Nelson has been great for them, but he and Paul are basically equal shooters and Paul is the better passer, not to mention bowler.

Do you think Paul will get his trade wish?

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