Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

We are now heading into Week 8 in the NFL and there are no teams that are undefeated and only one win-less team. Every week, it seems, any team can win a game. Here are my Top 5 and Bottom 5 teams after the first seven weeks:
Pittsburgh Steelers
Top Five (Best to Worst):

  1. Steelers: The Steelers have played tremendous despite being without Ben Roethlisberger for the first four weeks. They are 5-1 despite playing a very tough schedule over the first seven weeks.
  2. Jets: After losing the first week to the Ravens, the Jets have been smooth sailing. They have outscored opponents by 58 points and they have the league’s best turnover differential at +10.
  3. Patriots: The Patriots are currently 5-1, with their only loss coming against a very good Jets team. The Patriots defense sometimes gets burnt, but the offense is more than capable of picking up the slack.
  4. Titans: The Titans are one of the surprises in the NFL. They have a great team, but with all the struggles and turmoil at the QB position, it is a bit surprising to see how well they are playing. They lead the league in point differential, outscoring opponents by almost 12 points per game.
  5. Colts: The Colts are expected to be in the Top 5, but this season they have struggled at times. A key to their success has been the ability to protect Peyton Manning. He has only been sacked six times this season.

Bottom Five (Best to Worst):

  1. Lions: The Lions are an interesting team. They have outscored opponents and they force more turnovers than they commit, but they are still only 1-5. The Lions struggle to finish out games, but the future is looking better.
  2. Cowboys: The Cowboys were predicted by many to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, but they have not played well at all. They have tremendous talent on paper, but they are being outscored and they have a negative turnover differential – not to mention the penalties.
  3. 49ers: The early favorite to win the NFC West just can’t seem to get things going this season. If there is any positive news, four of their six losses came with less than one minutes to play. If they can figure out how to finish games, they still have a shot in a relatively weak division.
  4. Panthers: The Panthers are a mess this season, and they are lucky to have one win. They can’t score, they turn the ball over too much and they allow too many sacks.
  5. Bills: The lone win-less team, in the NFL has been horrible this season. They are losing by almost 13 points per game. On a positive note, their opponents winning percentage is 64% which is tied for the toughest schedule in the league. Also, the overtime loss against the Ravens is something to build on.

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