Packers Release Third Jersey: Awesome Replica, Ugly Jersey or Nice Try?

The Green Bay Packers released their first ever alternate jerseys today against the 49ers. The goal was to replicate the Packers’ 1929 team, which was their first NFL Championship team. Everyone has their own opinion on these jerseys and I personally thought they were pretty ugly. They use a navy blue and yellow color theme with brown helmets and khaki pants. compared the replicas to the actual 1929 jerseys, and the results were that they are not awesome replicas. There are several features that are inaccurate, but mostly due to current NFL uniform regulations. For instance, the numbers on the front of the jersey were much smaller in 1929, but they are not allowed to be that small under current NFL rules. So, I can say it was possibly a nice try.
Packers 1929 Throwback Jersey
Nice try or not, these jerseys were ugly. The brown helmets (meant to replicate leather helmets), just didn’t seem to fit in well and hopefully these jerseys won’t be seen many more times.

What do you think? Awesome Replica, Ugly Jersey or a Nice Try?

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