LeBron James In Cleveland: Where Did the Cavs Go?

LeBron James returned the Quicken Loans Arena last night for the first time since he controversially left the Cleveland Cavaliers on “The Decision.” The results for Cavs fans was something they were used to seeing – a LeBron James win. Over the last two seasons, LeBron led the Cavs to a record of 127-37, so Cavs fans should not have been surprised to see him win another one.
LeBron James Heat Powder Toss
The seven loyal years that James played for the Cavs meant nothing the day he ‘decided’ to “take his talents to South Beach.” The Cavs fans made sure he knew it. There was extra security guarding the Heat bench, as well as throughout the arena. Fans had shirts and signs screened for vulgar language before entering the arena and the place had the feel of a NBA Finals Game 7. James was booed during warm-ups and when they announced his name for the starting line-up. They also stuck it to him by cheering for Zydrunas Ilgauskas when his name was announced. The fans booed James every time he touched the ball for most of the first half, but it had little to no affect on James. James came out and scored 24 points in the third quarter has the Heat obliterated the Cavs, 118-90.

One big question entering the game was whether or not LeBron would do his infamous powder toss? He did. He was also friendly with all his former teammates, except for Mo Williams. Williams stiffed James by giving him the cold shoulder.

I must say this game was very disappointing. The Cavs didn’t put up a fight at all. Sure the fans let James have it, but the Cavs’ players seemed to want to continue to play with him rather than against him. I expected them to body James and make him earn his points. Doing this would also fire up the crowd, instead James had his way with the Cavs. The entire Big Three played tremendous and this game might be the springboard to greatness that they needed.

The Cavs and Heat play three more times this season, and hopefully the Cavs will show up in at least one of them.

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