MLB Sweep Recap: June 7-22nd

The MLB Sweep Recap is a new segment on If you have not noticed, we maintain a list of all MLB series sweeps for each team in the league (I’d definitely check it out if I were you). The list is updated every two weeks and now, after each update, we will recap what went on during the previous two weeks.
Bringing Out the Brooms
Over the past two weeks, there were 17 sweeps in the MLB bringing the overall MLB season total to 93. In fact only 7 teams were not involved in a sweep at all over the past two weeks.

The two most notable sweeps were the New York Yankees sweeping the Texas Rangers in a three game series and the Boston Red Sox sweeping the Toronto Blue Jays in a three game series. Both the Rangers and the Blue Jays had not been swept at all this season, until these respective series. Now every team in the MLB has been swept at least once. Only two teams have not swept another team this season: the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres.

The Cleveland Indians added their MLB leading 8th sweep, while the Atlanta Braves moved into first place for the best sweep-swept winning percentage (.857). By far the team playing the worst baseball over the past two weeks was the Florida Marlins, who were swept a remarkable three times. In fact the Marlins are 2-15 since June 7th, which has caused them to drop from 3rd place and only 4 games back to last place and 14 games back.

One potential sweep that saw the final game in the series rained out earlier in the year was completed, with the Detroit Tigers completing the three game sweep over the Tampa Bay Rays.

That will do it for this recap, to see how your favorite team is doing in 2-game, 3-game and 4-game series be sure to check out the MLB Sweep Tracker.

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