Money Mayweather Knocks Ortiz Out in 4 Rds

The much anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz has come and gone. Only one fighter would be able to back up his guaranteed knockout, and that would be Mayweather.
Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz
Mayweather was generally considered to have won the first three rounds, but it got interesting in the fourth round. Mayweather came out punching, but Ortiz was able to remain composed and fight back.

Ortiz had Mayweather on the ropes towards the end of the forth round, but all that would change with a series of crucial mistakes by Ortiz. First, Ortiz was pounding on Mayweather and inexplicably (and obviously) headbutted Mayweather. The referee broke the fighters up as a result and it would cost Ortiz a point. But more than a point, it cost Ortiz the fight.

When the two fighters touched gloves and resumed the fight, Ortiz went in for an apologetic hug with his hands down. Mayweather never dropped his hands a proceeded to knock Ortiz out with a left-right combo. After the left to the head, Ortiz was clearly dazed and never had a chance – Mayweather fired a power right and Ortiz was out for the count.

Many will be talking about this controversial ending for some time to come, but the loss was clearly Ortiz’s fault. The headbutt was a horrible decision that ruined his momentum. Then he did the biggest mistake any boxer can ever make – he left his hands down.

The referee clearly started the round, the two fighters touched gloves. Why did Ortiz want to hug Mayweather? With all the trash talk before this fight, why would Ortiz go soft now? Mayweather was gloves up the moment they touched gloves, how did Ortiz miss this? He missed it and paid dearly for it.

Mayweather won the WBC Welterweight Title, or you could say Ortiz lost the title.

Mayweather took offense to a ring interview accusing him of taking cheapshots, and I don’t blame him. He won fair and square. Don’t apologize midround – fight till the end. Mayweather was open to a rematch, and it will be interesting if Ortiz will make it happen.

But, the world really wants to see Manny Pacquiao fight Mayweather, but I’m not sure that will ever happen.

What did you think of the fight?

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