The NFL is BACK!!

The NFL is back! And what a first week it was. The Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints kicked things off with a thrilling, high scoring game in which the defending champs picked up where they left off.

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That was only the beginning of a tremendous week in the NFL. The week was loaded with rivalry games, meltdowns, excitement, surprise and upsets.

The Ravens sent the NFL a message by destroying their biggest rival, the Steelers. The Ravens forced an amazing 7 turnovers and dominated the game from start to finish. The Redskins also sent the league a message by doubling up the Giants.

The NFL changed the kickoff rule, moving the starting spot five yards closer. This change was not perceived well as it hinders a major advantage that many teams attempt to exploit – kick returns and coverage. If Week 1 taught us anything, it is not to worry about it. The teams with good returners are willing to let them run the ball out of the endzone, resulting in three Week 1 kick return TDs.

Upsets? Week 1 had those too. The Bengals, whom many predicted to be the worst team in the NFL, beat the Browns in Cleveland. The Bills stormed into Kansas City and destroyed the heavily favored Chiefs. The Bears told everyone not to write the division off to the Packers this season by beating the Falcons.

The Sunday nightcap saw the Cowboys pick up where they left off last season – disappointing their fans. They led the Jets 24-10 in the fourth quarter and preceded to blow the game, thanks in part by a fumble by Tony Romo inside the Jets five yard line, a blocked punt which was returned for a touchdown, and a horrible pass by Romo that was intercepted by Revis.

All this and there are still two games remaining on the schedule for week one. Football is here, and I couldn’t be happier that the lockout didn’t shorten the NFL season.

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