MikesPickz: Game of the Week – Patriots vs Jets

For the first inaugural MikesPickz: Game of the Week – I’m going with a somewhat obvious choice – New England Patriots vs New York Jets.
Sanchez and the Jets vs Brady and the Patriots
There are several big time rivalry games this week: Saints vs Falcons, Bears vs Lions, Bengals vs Steelers, Jaguars vs Colts and Vikings vs Packers, but the Patriots vs Jets is the most appealing entering Week 10.

The primary draw of this game isn’t even the fact that the Patriots and Jets hate each other, but how the teams are coming into this game. I can’t think of anyone that would have expected the Patriots to enter this week on a two game losing streak while at the same time the Jets are on a three game winning streak. The teams are seemingly heading in the complete opposite directions. The Jets’ defense is hitting its stride, while the Patriots’ offense is losing its edge.

Tom Brady and company are losing their offensive edge because they have no deep threat. The Patriots no longer have the Randy Moss – home-run threat each and every play. Wes Welker and the receiving corps are mainly 10-15 yard route runners and it is allowing defenses to cheat. It also doesn’t help that the Patriots’ defense can’t get off the field, thus preventing the Patriots’ offense from developing a rhythm.

The Jets on the other-hand, are finally running the ball like many expected they would. Mark Sanchez remains inconsistent, but he is a game manager and as long as the Jets put him in a position to manage the game and not force anything – he will be alright. It doesn’t hurt that their defense is playing at the highest possible level right now which gives Sanchez the ability to take his time and manage the game.

The million dollar question is: Will the Patriots actually leave New York in Week 10 on a three game losing streak? I honestly don’t think they will. The Jets is the type of game that I feel will spark the Patriots offense. They want this game more than any other, and a win will give them a major advantage over the Jets in the tight AFC East Standings. This is the type of game Tom Brady is made for.

Enjoy the MikesPickz Game of the Week in Primetime on NBC this Sunday at 8:20PM.

[Photo Credit: Jim Rogash, Getty Images via AOLNews.com]

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