Brotherly Love: 49ers vs Ravens to Play Super Bowl XLVII

Super Bowl XLVII is set. The 49ers came back from a 17-0 deficit to beat the Falcons in Atlanta, 28-24. The Ravens came back from a 13-7 halftime deficit to beat the Patriots in Foxboro, 28-13. The biggest storyline will be the fact that the 49ers’ head coach, Jim Harbaugh, is the younger brother of Ravens’ head coach, John Harbaugh.
Jim vs John Harbaugh - Super Bowl
These two teams met in 2011 on Thanksgiving Day with the Ravens beating the 49ers, 16-6. If that game is an indication, this year’s Super Bowl ratings might be even bigger than the usual monster ratings. The 49ers-Ravens game was the most watched Cable program in Thanksgiving history. This time the 49ers come in with more experience and a much more dynamic offense with Colin Kaepernick leading the way at Quarterback.

This game will have tons of storylines to analyze and dissect over the next two weeks:

  • Jim Harbaugh’s decision to start Colin Kaepernick over Alex Smith midseason is proving to be correct, but can he lead them to win the Super Bowl in only his 10th career start?
  • Can the 49ers remain unbeaten in the Super Bowl? The 49ers are the only team in the NFL to appear in more than one Super Bowl and never lose. They are 5-0, which has them tied with the Cowboys for second most Super Bowl victories in NFL history (one behind the Steelers). Ironically, if the Ravens win, they will become the only team with multiple appearances to never lose.
  • Super Bowl XLVII will be Ray Lewis’ last dance, figuratively and literally. Literally, since Ray Lewis is famous for his dance after coming out of the tunnel. Figuratively, since Ray Lewis plans to retire after the Super Bowl. He will go down as one of the greatest linebackers in NFL history. Can the Ravens’ continue their improbable Super Bowl run? Is it destiny?
  • As mentioned above, the storyline that will be most talked about is the fact that the two head coaches are brothers. It is the first time in NFL history that brothers will face each other in the Super Bowl. Last season, both brothers came up a little short in their respective Championship games, but this year they were both able to come from behind and make it to the Super Bowl. Prepare for tons of Super Bowl puns over the next two weeks – the HarBowl or the SuperBaugh.

Anyway you look at it, the NFL wins. This match-up will be interesting and more importantly, the game should be exciting. Two hard hitting, defensive minded teams with the ability (and willingness) to make big plays on offense is sure to result in a memorable Super Bowl.

Stay tuned for my official pick and breakdown after the Pro Bowl.

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