Jay-Z is Officially a Licensed NBA Agent

A representative of Roc Nation Sports has confirmed to ESPN that Jay-Z has officially been licensed by the NBA Players’ Association to represent NBA players.

This is the first major sport that Jay-Z has officially been licensed as an agent.

“What’s not clear is how soon Jay-Z can represent players. A source close to the situation said that, as of Wednesday, the hip-hop mogul had not sold his small ownership share (less than 1 percent) of the Brooklyn Nets.

Industry speculation is Jay-Z might be able to sign players as long as he agrees to pass off his share of the Nets in the near future. Owners of NBA teams cannot represent players. ”

Kevin Durant has informed his current agent that he will leave to sign with Jay-Z. This will be Jay-Z’ first NBA client after signing Robinson Cano (MLB), Geno Smith (NFL) and Skylar Diggins (WNBA).

Jay-Z should have a major impact on the Sports world in the future, can he live up to the hype? He may have ’99 Problems,’ but this won’t be one.

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