LeBlock James Ignites Crowd

LeBron James has been known as a solid shot blocker for sometime, particularly with the chase down block. During the 2013 postseason, he has been taking his block game up a notch.

It started with this block on George Hill during Game 4 in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Pacers:

It is ridiculous how high above the rim he got to make this clean swat. George Hill clearly didn’t seem to expect that to happen.

During Game 2 of the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs, James has continued his strong defense of the rim. Early in the game he had a great stuff of Tim Duncan at the rim:

He followed that up in the third quarter with, perhaps, the best block of the entire 2012-13 season. Tiago Splitter had an open path to the rim after a beautiful pass from Tony Parker off the pick-and-roll. Splitter reached back to tomahawk the ball when LeBron James had other ideas:

At that point in the game, the Heat had already pulled away and had the game in check, but the energy could be felt from my couch. The question will be can the Heat keep the momentum as they travel to San Antonio for Game 3.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images via Business Insider]

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