2013-14 NBA Season Predictions

The NBA is back! This season will look to build off the tremendous NBA Finals from last Spring. With tons of storylines… Can the Heat three-peat? Are the 76ers already tanking the season for a chance at Andrew Wiggins? Will LeBron James win a fifth MVP award? Will the Brooklyn Nets takeover as the king of New York? And so many more, this season promises to be exciting.

Here is how I predict the season ending:
NBA: Carmelo, Kobe and LeBron
Eastern Conference:

Atlantic Division
1. Brooklyn Nets
2. New York Knicks
3. Boston Celtics
4. Toronto Raptors
5. Philadelphia 76ers

Central Division
1. Chicago Bulls
2. Indiana Pacers
3. Cleveland Cavaliers
4. Detroit Pistons
5. Milwaukee Bucks

Southeast Division
1. Miami Heat
2. Washington Wizards
3. Atlanta Hawks
4. Charlotte Bobcats
5. Orlando Magic

Eastern Conference Playoffs
Opening Round
1. Heat over 8. Cavaliers
2. Bulls over 7. Hawks
3. Pacers over 6. Wizards
4. Nets over 5. Knicks

Round 2
1. Heat over 4. Nets
3. Pacers over 2. Bulls

Conference Finals
1. Heat over 3. Pacers

Western Conference:

Northwest Division
1. Oklahoma City Thunder
2. Portland Trailblazers
3. Minnesota Timberwolves
4. Denver Nuggets
5. Utah Jazz

Pacific Division
1. Los Angeles Clippers
2. Golden State Warriors
3. Los Angeles Lakers
4. Sacramento Kings
5. Phoenix Suns

Southwest Division
1. Houston Rockets
2. San Antonio Spurs
3. Memphis Grizzlies
4. Dallas Mavericks
5. New Orleans Pelicans

Western Conference Playoffs
Opening Round
1. Thunder over 8. Timberwolves
2. Clippers over 7. Blazers
3. Rockets over 6. Grizzlies
5. Warriors over 4. Spurs

Round 2
1. Thunder over 5. Warriors
2. Clippers over 3. Rockets

Conference Finals
2. Clippers over 1. Thunder

NBA Finals
1. Heat over 2. Clippers

MVP = Chris Paul, Clippers
Coach of the Year = Doc Rivers, Clippers
Rookie of the Year = Victor Oladipo, Magic
Defensive Player of the Year = Roy Hibbert, Pacers
Sixth Man of the Year = Harrison Barnes, Warriors
Most Improved Player = Anthony Davis, Pelicans
Executive of the Year = Bob Myers, Warriors

What do you think about this upcoming NBA Season?

[Photo Credit: Chris Trotman/Getty Images via NY Daily News]

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