2016 March Madness

2016 March Madness Final Four LogoThe Madness is here! If the 2016 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament is anything like the regular season, we are in for a treat. This season, it seemed like a Top Five team lost every week and that leads to excitement this March.

With no game a foregone conclusion (except 1 vs. 16), this year’s bracket was tough to predict. They always say parity is good for sports and this year we certainly have parity in the tournament. There are any number of teams that realistically could go on a run and win the title. With that being said, here is how I see the tournament breaking down:

2016 March Madness Bracket

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Current Status (after 3/27 games):
Sweet 16 correct: 9
Elite 8 correct: 6
Final Four correct: 2 (Kansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Michigan St)
Championship correct: 0 (Kansas, Michigan St)
Champion: Kansas

[Image Credit: Wikipedia]

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