2017-18 NBA Predictions

The NBA is back! After a crazy off-season, the much hyped 2017-18 NBA season is finally here and thanks to NBA scheduling changes, it is two weeks earlier than normal!

Normally with my prediction articles, I like to talk about all the questions that are going to be answered this season, but this year, the answers seem irrelevant. It is seemingly a foregone conclusion, barring injuries, that the Warriors will go up against the Cavaliers for the 4th consecutive time in the NBA Finals. But there are notable storylines aside from that:

  • Can Lonzo Ball live up to the hype and win Rookie of the Year?
  • Can the Celtics dethrone the Cavaliers in the East?
  • Did the Thunder do enough to challenge the Warriors in the West?

Luckily, the NBA is drafting the All-Star teams (although still picking the players half from each conference), because the East would have no chance this year after all the offseason player movement that occurred.

Now on to the predictions:

Atlantic Division:

  1. Boston Celtics
  2. Toronto Raptors
  3. Philadelphia 76ers
  4. New York Knicks
  5. Brooklyn Nets
Central Division:

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers
  2. Milwaukee Bucks
  3. Detroit Pistons
  4. Indiana Pacers
  5. Chicago Bulls
Southeast Division:

  1. Washington Wizards
  2. Charlotte Hornets
  3. Miami Heat
  4. Orlando Magic
  5. Atlanta Hawks
Northwest Division:

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder
  2. Minnesota Timberwolves
  3. Denver Nuggets
  4. Portland Trailblazers
  5. Utah Jazz
Pacific Division:

  1. Golden State Warriors
  2. Los Angeles Clippers
  3. Los Angeles Lakers
  4. Phoenix Suns
  5. Sacramento Kings
Southwest Division:

  1. Houston Rockets
  2. San Antonio Spurs
  3. New Orleans Pelicans
  4. Memphis Grizzlies
  5. Dallas Mavericks


Eastern Conference:

  1. Cavaliers
  2. Celtics
  3. Wizards
  4. Bucks
  5. Raptors
  6. Hornets
  7. Heat
  8. Pistons
Western Conference:

  1. Warriors
  2. Rockets
  3. Thunder
  4. Spurs
  5. Timberwolves
  6. Nuggets
  7. Clippers
  8. Blazers

Eastern Conference Finals: Cavs over Wizards
Western Conference Finals: Warriors over Rockets
NBA Finals: Warriors over Cavs


MVP: Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks)
Rookie of the Year: Ben Simmons (76ers)
Coach of the Year: Billy Donovan (Thunder)
Defensive Player of the Year: Rudy Gobert (Jazz)
Sixth Man of the Year: Eric Gordon (Rockets)
Most Improved: Kristaps Porzingis (Knicks)

Hot Take: Kyle Kuzma has a better rookie year than Lonzo Ball for the Lakers

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