2019-20 NFL Picks: Super Bowl LIV

Welcome to Super Bowl LIV!

The favorite is marked with the spread in parenthesis next to the team name. For example, Patriots (-6.5). The best bet is the team that I feel is most likely to win and cover the spread this week. The spreads are from the NY Daily News on Wednesday and may be slightly different than the spread available when you are reading this.

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Championship BYE WEEKS: None
Best Bet: N/A

Super Bowl LIV:

  • 49ers at Chiefs (-1.5)
    • The pick: 49ers (+1.5)

Previous Week’s Record: 1-1

Regular Season Record: 126-125-5 (50.20%)

Postseason Record: 6-4 (60.0%)

Best Bet Record: 10-7, Playoffs: 3-0

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King of the Hill aka Lock of the Week aka Survivor Pool Picks:
In this section, I will post my pick for a survivor pool. Once a team is used, I can’t use them again for the rest of the season. The team selected only has to win the game, not cover the spread. Pick One and Pick Two are independent of each other. If I use a team with Picks One, I can use them later with Pick Two.

Week Pick One Pick Two
Week 1 Seahawks – win Eagles – win
Week 2 Ravens – win Texans – win
Week 3 Cowboys – win Bills – win
Week 4 Chargers – win Rams – loss
Week 5 Eagles – win Patriots – win
Week 6 Patriots – win Ravens – win
Week 7 Bills – win 49ers – win
Week 8 Vikings – win Saints – win
Week 9 49ers – win Seahawks – win
Week 10 Colts – loss Packers – win
Week 11 Raiders – win Vikings – win
Week 12 Saints – win Browns – win
Week 13 Packers – win Panthers – loss
Week 14 Texans – loss Steelers – win
Week 15 Chiefs – win Raiders – loss
Week 16 Broncos – win Chargers – loss
Week 17 Titans – win Chiefs – win
Total 15-2 13-4
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