2009-10 NFL Power Rankings – Week 14

Welcome back to the MikesPickz NFL Power Rankings!

Week 13 in the NFL saw the two remaining unbeaten teams, well remain unbeaten. The Colts won comfortably by 7 points, but the Saints on the other hand struggled mightly the week after completely destroying the Patriots. In week 13, the Saints needed overtime to beat the lowly Redskins by 3 points. The Redskins, who have been everything but an offensive juggernaut this season, were able to put up 30 points on the Saints and give them a real scare. I feel bad for Suisham as he missed a 23 yard field goal with 1:52 seconds left in the 4th quarter. That field goal would have given the Redskins a 10 point lead, rather than the 7 point lead that the Saints were able to overcome.

The Steelers continued their losing ways with a loss to the Oakland Raiders, that made 4 consecutive losses for them. The Chargers escaped a late rally by the Browns to hold on for a 7 point win and they move up to 3rd in the rankings. Every team in the NFL should be on the watch for the Chargers. They are very talented on offense and the defense is clicking. They have the ability to score with any team in the NFL.

Although these rankings are posted after the Browns – Steelers game, the game had no impact on the rankings as the stats are from before the game. This week is the last week of my college semester and will be the last week of short rankings.

Now on to the rankings:

*Tiers are teams that are within 20 points of each other using my formula*

Tier 1

  1. Saints
  2. Colts
    Tier 2

  3. upChargers
  4. dnVikings
  5. upPackers
    Tier 3

  6. upEagles
  7. dnBengals
  8. upCards
  9. dnPatriots
  10. dnCowboys
    Tier 4

  11. upBroncos
  12. dnRavens
  13. upJaguars
  14. upDolphins
  15. upGiants
  16. dnTitans
  17. upJets
  18. upSeahawks
    Tier 5

  19. dnFalcons
  20. dn49ers
  21. dnTexans
  22. dnSteelers
  23. upPanthers
    Tier 6

  24. upBears
  25. upRaiders
  26. dnChiefs
  27. dnBills
    Tier 7

  28. Redskins
  29. upRams
  30. dnBucs
  31. Lions
    Tier 8

  32. Browns

That will do it for the Week 14 rankings. I hope you come back next week!

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