2009-10 NFL Power Rankings – Final Regular Season

The NFL Regular Season has come to a close, and if the playoffs are anything like the regular season, they will be very entertaining and exciting to watch. I will get straight to the rankings, as I know you are excited to see them:

  1. Chargers
  2. Packers
  3. Colts
  4. Eagles
  5. Saints
  6. Patriots
  7. Cowboys
  8. Ravens
  9. Vikings
  10. Jets
  11. Panthers
  12. 49ers
  13. Texans
  14. Falcons
  15. Cards
  16. Bengals
  17. Steelers
  18. Titans
  19. Dolphins
  20. Broncos
  21. Bears
  22. Giants
  23. Browns
  24. Bills
  25. Jaguars
  26. Raiders
  27. Bucs
  28. Chiefs
  29. Seahawks
  30. Redskins
  31. Lions
  32. Rams

Some may wonder why division winners (Cards and Bengals) are ranked so low. To those people I say, keep in mind how the teams finished the season, specifically the last 5 games. A team’s last 5 games is apart of the ranking formula, and several teams dropped a few positions because of the last 5 (Colts, Saints) and many teams gained because of the last 5 (Chargers [5-0] and Eagles [4-1]).

Heading into the playoffs I like the Chargers and Packers to make the Superbowl and for each game I will make my official football picks on the NFL Picks page.

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