Wild Card Weekend – Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of the NFL Playoffs consisted of 2 rematches of week 17 games, and in both games the result would be the same.

The Bengals faced the Jets, only this time in Cincinnati, but that didn’t phase the Jets. The Jets received strong play from rookie QB, Mark Sanchez (12/15, 182 yards, 1TD/0INT), and from rookie RB, Shonn Greene (21 carries for 135, 1TD), in addition to a great game-plan developed by rookie coach, Rex Ryan. Darrelle Revis was dominant again, in limiting Chad Ochocinco to only 2 catches for 28 yards. Revis truly is the best CB in the AFC (I still like Woodson slightly more this season).

Although the Jets allowed Cedric Benson to rush for 169 yards (1 TD) on 21 carries, they didn’t let Palmer get into a rhythm. Palmer was 18/36 for 136 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT. The Jets controlled the ball, won the turnover battle (2-0) and did not allow Sanchez to get sacked in the game. The Jets will either play the Colts or the Chargers next week.

The NFC playoff game saw the Eagles travel to Dallas to face the Cowboys, and they will wish this day never happened. The Eagles lost 34-14, which gave them a two week combined loss to the Cowboys of 58-14. The Eagles played solid football for three quarters, but the one quarter they didn’t play well in was the one that cost them the game. The Eagles allowed the Cowboys to score 27 points in the 2nd quarter, and only 7 in the other three.

The Eagles lack of offensive balance can be attributed to their inability to score points against the Cowboys. Everyone knew that the Eagles do not have the best rushing game, and Wade Phillips was able to perfectly game-plan for this. The Eagles were held to 56 rushing yards on only 13 rushing plays (43 passing plays). The Cowboys on the other hand had 198 yards rushing on 35 rushing plays (37 passing plays). The Cowboys are going to be tough to beat in the postseason. The Vikings will get a chance to beat the Cowboys next week in the Minneapolis, where the Vikings went 8-0 during the regular season.

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