A “Super” Situation

One day before the Superbowl will be set, the question is, who do you want to be in the Superbowl? Looking at the four teams remaining, I can guarantee that the Superbowl will be an entertaining one.

Will the Saints’ high powered offense face the Jets’ #1 ranked defense? Will the Saints’ get the high powered Colts’ offense, in what will surely be a shoot-out?

Or will Brett Favre and the Vikings get to play the Jets in a game that will be full of storylines. Favre retires from the Jets, signs with the Vikings and now plays the Jets in the Superbowl? Or do the Vikings get the Colts in a battle of two of the greatest QBs over the past 10 years?

What do you think the Superbowl will look like this season, and do you think it can top last year’s thriller?

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