Brett Favre Double Take

Brett Favre may have thrown his last pass against the Saints in the NFC Championship. It was an interception in the final seconds of regulation that ended up costing the Vikings the game. It was an eerily familiar feeling.

Brett Favre’s last pass as a Green Bay Packer was an interception in overtime against the Giants that ended up costing the Packers the game.

Many people speculated that play was one of the reasons Favre eventually came out of retirement. Who wants to have their legacy remembered with your last pass being an interception that cost your team a chance at to get to and win the Superbowl? Not many would say I’m fine with that.

Favre went on to emotionally retire after that game, and then decide he wants back – only the Packers had already moved on. This lead to a nasty situation in Green Bay, which ended in a trade to the Jets. Favre had a great start with the Jets, but was terribly ineffective down the stretch. Favre retired again, but once again didn’t want to go out like that. He decided he wanted to play again for the Vikings. The Jets released him and he was able to join the Vikings in a long drawn out process.

He got his wish to take charge of the Vikings. He beat the Packers twice for some revenge and delivered the Vikings to the NFC Championship. In the championship game he did it again, no it was not Brett Favre magic, it was a Superbowl costing INT.

Will this be Favre’s last pass ever?

Personally, I don’t think so. He still has shown he has some game (you can argue this was his best statistical season ever), and who wants to go out the way he did?

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  1. He should end on that note. He had a nice season, but that’s the closest he’s going to get to winning another ring. He had one of his best seasons yet and should be content with that.

    I have started disliking Favre over the years with what he has done to other franchises and players. He is a great player, no question about it, but he makes it seem like he is better than the game with the way he has made teams wait his decision the past few years. I have a lot less respect for him as a person for doing that.

    The Vikings had a good season, and they should enjoy it, because they will not make it back to the NFC Championship game next year.

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