Trade McNabb Already

Once again the talks of the Eagles trading Donovan McNabb are in the news. I say it is time to say good-bye in Philadelphia. McNabb has been with the team since 1999 and they have made 1 Superbowl appearance (Superbowl XXXIX – a loss to the Patriots). McNabb has had some personal success with the team – 32,000+ yards passing, 216 TDs, 86.5 passer rating – but he hasn’t been able to win the big one, despite making the NFC Championship seemingly every season in the mid 2000s.

Now at age 33, McNabb is going to be entering the decline phase of his career. Having played an entire 16 game season only once in the past 6 years, the indicators are there. The Eagles clearly have an abundance at the QB position – McNabb, Kevin Kolb, and Michael Vick. They think that Kolb is the future of the team (although I question that) and they just picked up Vick’s option (he still has some game left) so it doesn’t look like they are moving anytime soon.

Do I think that the Eagles should look to get rid of McNabb this season? On a football field level – no, despite him being on the decline, he is still better than most QBs in the NFL. On a football management level – yes, every single season there is talks of McNabb leaving. He never gets the respect he deserves in Philadelphia and it is more of a distraction that a benefit of having him on the team.

As possible destinations for McNabb, the Minnesota Vikings keep arising as the leading destination. I must say that people have to understand this will not and should not happen. Favre is going to comeback for one more season with the Vikings, and everyone in Minnesota is going to prefer Favre to McNabb. Despite being 40 years old, Farve had a better season than McNabb last year, not to mention it might have been the best season of his hall of fame career (it was the only time he has ever finished a season with a passer rating greater than 100 [107.2]).

In the end nothing is going to happen this off-season because the Eagles are going to ask for too much, the Vikings are going to be more than happy with Favre, McNabb will not be Favre’s back-up, and the Eagles like to be in the spotlight.

[Photo Credit: NY Daily News]

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