LeBron: Last Man Standing

Carlos Boozer has now agreed to terms with the Chicago Bulls. The coveted forward has agreed to a 5 year deal worth $80 million. That officially rules out the Cavs coming out of no-where to land him. It also leaves LeBron James as the last major free agent remaining. What it also does is bring the Bulls back into the James sweepstakes. James now has three realistic choices and one crazy one. The three realistic choices are Wade-Bosh in Miami, Rose-Boozer in Chicago or home-H.S. buddies in Cleveland. The one crazy choice being Amar’e and the Knicks.
Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh
Let’s weigh his options:

  1. Does he want money? The answer is clearly yes. Where can he get the most money? Winner Cleveland
  2. Does he love his hometown? The answer again is clearly yes. He’s held his MVP ceremonies with his family and friends in Cleveland. He started a marketing business, LRMR, with this high school buddies. He built a mansion in Akron. Need I say more? Winner Cleveland
  3. Does he want to win a championship? He clearly does, because that is the last thing he needs to prove. Which NBA team, that has the money for him, has the best chance to win next season? Winner Miami
  4. Does he want to play in the world’s biggest stage? Once again, clearly yes. This is evident by the one-hour press conference he is getting just to announce his team. Winner New York
  5. Does he want to be the next Jordan? No, he wants to be LeBron James. This is evident by him changing his number next season and asking the league to retire Jordan’s number. Although it was a very cool marketing strategy, Chicago daring LeBron to play for them is not appealing to what James wants. Loser Chicago

Tallying it up, its 2 for Cleveland, 1 for Miami, 1 for New York and -1 for Chicago. But this is not a simple tally for James, remember back to those dreaded Calculus days? This is a weighted score and only James knows what the weights are.

I will say this though, this Free Agency hasn’t been what the King had expected. Teams didn’t wait for him to commit, his NBA pals didn’t wait for him to commit, the only one waiting seems to be Cleveland. The Cavaliers haven’t made a meaningful addition to their roster and they had no draft picks, their future truly rests with James.

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Photo Credit: Rauch/AP/AP via NYDailyNews.com

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