NBA Free Agency: Starting to Settle

The biggest NBA Free Agency in history has taken another step towards the end. Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh have both agreed to play for the Miami Heat next season.  The contract details for both have not been finalized. That leaves LeBron James as the last remaining big prize. He will be announcing his decision in a one-hour press conference on ESPN at 9pm tomorrow.

The Wade and Bosh signing significantly alters the playing field for LeBron James. The Heat are now the closest team to Championship ready that are seriously interested in James. The problem is they would need to move Michael Beasley’s $4.9 million contract to max out on all three players. When Heat president, Pat Riley, told Heat fans this summer, “we want to build a dynasty.” He wasn’t kidding.
Dwayne Wade Leads Miami

Does this guarantee James in Miami? I still don’t think so. Although it is definitely enticing because I don’t see any team beating a combo of Wade-Bosh-James for the championship next season. I still feel James will be ending up in Cleveland, but I haven’t felt less certain about it than I do now. The Cavs havn’t made any significant moves this off-season, with the exception of signing Byron Scott as the head coach.

After James’ announcement tomorrow, the best remaining free agent would be Carlos Boozer. Boozer has not been getting the attention he deserves this summer because of the other big names, but the 29 year old forward averaged 19.5PPG, 11.2RPG, 56.2FGP last season which basically mirrors the 26 year old Bosh’s numbers (24PPG, 10.8RPG, 51.8FGP). I haven’t heard any rumors of the Cavs seeking Boozer, but a James-Boozer combo would be a strong threat for a championship.

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