Daily Diss: Paul Pierce Took His Talents to South Beach

Paul PiercePaul Pierce takes the honor of being picked as the first ever MikesPickz’ Daily Diss. The Daily Diss is the best sports insult currently in the news. Eric Mangini was a close second for comparing Rex Ryan to a Macy’s float.

Last night, after the Celtics beat the Miami Heat for the second time this season, Paul Pierce tweeted,

It’s been a pleasure to bring my talents to south beach now on to Memphis

What a great insult. A clear allusion to LeBron James’ press conference where he first announced that he was going to play in Miami this season. Even better was the quick, “now on to Memphis.” They way I read that is, “nothing to see here.”

The Celtics are first in the Eastern Conference with a 7-2 record while Miami is struggling with a 5-4 record. Now as good as an insult as it was, let’s remember that it is still only the ninth game of the season. There are plenty of games remaining and the Heat will certainly start to play better, specifically when Mike Miller returns.

Miami seemingly has been a magnet for huge games. Emeka Okafor, Paul Millsap, and Ray Allen (last night) all had monster games in Heat losses. The Heat have to adjust to the fact that they have a bull’s eye on them and players are going to step-up against them. I think the Heat will get it together and at the end of the season, I think the Celtics could be looking up at the Heat in the standings.

[Photo Credit: SportsofBoston.com]

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