Shocking News: Donovan McNabb Signs 5 Year Extension

I can’t say I expected this story to appear while watching ESPN today, and that’s why it is my shock pick of the day. Let’s recap the chain of events over the last two weeks.
On Halloween, the Redskins played the Detroit Lions and Donovan McNabb was benched while trailing with two minutes to go in the fourth quarter. The game was certainly winnable and McNabb was not injured. After the game, Coach Mike Shanahan indicated that McNabb was benched because he wasn’t as familiar with the two minute terminology as back-up Rex Grossman was. In case you’re wondering, this is the first season with the Redskins for both McNabb and Grossman.

Of course the media wrote up all different takes on the benching, and Shanahan’s excuse wasn’t holding water. He then came out and said McNabb didn’t have the “cardiovascular conditioning” needed to go the full game (let’s ignore he did it every other week).

Then the Redskins had a BYE week and before McNabb was able to even step on the field in the Week 10 match-up against the Philadelphia Eagles, McNabb signed a five year extension for $78 million that could be worth up to $88 million. I just don’t understand the Redskins, they seemingly love to throw money at unconditioned players aka Albert Haynesworth.

On a more serious note, McNabb still has some solid years left and he can still be an effective QB in the NFL, it’s just the timing of the extension that doesn’t make sense. I mean McNabb has greatly improved the Redskins this season; they have as many wins after 8 games as they did all last season. Well it’s not just the timing that doesn’t make sense, it is also the dollar amount. He is making close to the four year extension that Tom Brady signed earlier this season. McNabb is good, but not that good.

I wonder when Grossman’s extension is coming? He clearly knows the two minute offense, right?

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